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Martinelli Cake

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Free of artificial preservatives thanks to a skillful alcohol wetting, this soft novelty is destined to surprise for the delicacy of its composition, and the strong flavor of the accompanying liqueur.


Born in Montevarchi at the beginning of the seventeenth century, Giovanni Martinelli characterized the seventeenth century Florentine with his painting, enigmatic personality and became the bearer of an indisputable talent destined to survive through the ages.  The Martinelli cake of Bonci pastry shop was born in his honor, and inspired by the representation contained in one of his most famous works: a tasty cake that today takes shape in a mixture of almond, carrot flour, and Florentine Alchermes liqueur.

Leavened baked confectionery product with almond flour and alkermes liqueur.

Wheat flour, butter (milk), sugar, alkermes (alc 15% vol. ) 21% (water, sugar, alcohol, infused and distilled herbs and spices, aroma, natural colour: E120) almond flour 11%, free range pasteurized eggs, apricot jam (apricot, sugar, natural thickener: pectin, citric acid), fresh carrots, raising agent: diphosphate, sodium carbonate, wheat starch, cinnamon. Net weight: 750gr.


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