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I cantucci 

Cantucci Ginger and Lemon 250g

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A particularly delicious and tasty biscuit, characterized by the freshness of ginger and the sweetness of candied lemon.


A meeting of flavors destined to be captivating, so as to easily conquer your palate from the first taste. Further enriched by a unique fragrance, destined to remain even after opening thanks to the heat-sealed Havana bag, inside which the Cantucci are inserted upon completion of the preparation.e.


cane sugar, type 0 soft wheat flour, candied lemon peel 8 lemon peel, sugar, wheat glucose syrup, citric acid, whole wheat flour, pasteurized eggs, rice flour, almonds, butter, extra virgin olive oil olive, ginger 1, Leavening agent: diphosphates, sodium carbonates, soft wheat starch, salt.ale.


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