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CANDIED FRUIT & VEGETABLES - Peppers Mustard 100g

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The ancient art of candying that Bonci wisely reproduces in a traditional manner directly in its laboratories using selected km0 products, without preservatives and colouring. 


Very fresh fruit and vegetables immersed in a soft natural syrup, to promote the physical exchange between water and sugar that keeps their best organoleptic characteristics unaltered over time. This is how Bonci Pastry Mustards and Candied Fruit or Vegetables were born in four different prreparations with a unique flavour.


Red peppers, yellow peppers, green peppers in variable proportions 80%, sugar, wheat glucose syrup, apple vinegar, grain mustard, mix of spices. 

In the same laboratory are worked and used: almonds, nuts, walnuts, pistachios, sesame, peanuts, powdered milk, soy lecithin. Product without preservatives and colouring. 

Nutrition declaration for 100g
Energy 1208/284KJ/Kcal
Fat 0,3g
Of which satures 0,2g
Mono-unsatures 0,1g
Carbohydrates 69,8g
Of which sugars 62,04g
Fiber 3,1g
Proteins 0,6g


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Shelf life

18 months

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