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Bonci's World

Goodness has been a family vice since 1953 for Bonci family. It all started in Montevarchi, in Tuscany, with grandparents Giuseppe and Irma. Then came the firstborn Silvio and a few years later the brothers Sergio, Anna and Alessandro. Today we have arrived at the third generation of Bonci with Giulia, Gianmarco and Gianluca who, together with Sergio, Silvio, Alessandro and Michele Mezzasoma, carry on a pastry and chocolatier art that has been handed down from father to son for about 70 years.

We have the passion, the experience and that desire to be carried away by creativity, mixing different ingredients, experimenting new flavors, always looking for that surprise effect for the palate that we love so much. So Panbriacone was born, that is the symbol of our pastry, and so many small and large pastry productions were born too, all made by hand with natural raw materials, of high quality, naturally leavened and without preservatives.

Bonci's World


For us Bonci, goodness has been a family vice since 1953. Every day we work with passion and professionalism to produce only good things, as we have liked them for three generations: made strictly by hand, with natural ingredients of first choice, without dyes and preservatives. Alessandro, Gianluca, Gianmarco and Giulia Bonci are today the guide and the engine of our pastry shop and in these video interviews they tell us why for Bonci goodness is a family vice..





From grandfather Beppe we learned the secrets of this wonderful craft, jealously safeguarding the secrets of product processing and traditional Tuscan recipes. From Sergio and Silvio, inventors of Panbriacone, we learned cooking and rising times and the pursuit of excellence in raw materials. From this alchemy between past and present, today we have the refined pastry creations of Gianluca and Gianmarco which are combined with the skillful workmanship of the Chocolate Master Michele Mezzasoma with all his chocolates and pralines. Thanks to Michele and Mezzasoma brand, today Pasticceria Bonci brings to the market classic proposals of chocolate (tablets, Easter eggs, spread cream) and gourmet experiments of up to 50 varieties (drageès and cremini, soft chocolate).

In our artisan workshops we produce Panbriacone in 12 varieties of taste and 4 different formats and everyday we give life and regenerate the sourdough Bonci, soul of our productions and fundamental ingredient to give natural lightness, softness and digestibility to our leavened products with no preservatives.



We try to have the patience of our grandparents and we put the enthusiasm of the younger generations. We dont' like to be in a hurry. We like to pamper our customers with products with a unique, genuine and unmistakable taste. To do so, we only need a few and natural ingredients, but of the highest quality, no preservatives, preferably organic and processed by hand, in compliance with a tradition that is handed down from generation to generation.

We are a family of gourmands but also of innovators. We like to change, experiment and look for new ways. With this spirit every year we enrich our offer with new tastes and flavourings to surprise our customers with original delicacies designed to conquer the most demanding palates. We like to take care of every detail, even in packaging, to be elegant and refined. We are meticulous and very careful because the 'form is substance'.
Our history teaches us that as long as goodness remains a family vice, nothing can stop us.



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Goodness for Bonci is a family vice since 1953

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