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CANDITI 110g - Dottati Figs 110g

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Dottati Figs; harvested in September directly on our trees only when the season permits it, these beautiful flowers, are candied in a warm sugar syrup added with a little part of apple vinegar. Spectacular with all kind of cheeses or simply spread on a crisp slice of Tuscan bread.


Everything is produced in-house by Bonci, to present in its range five special preparations: Spicy pear chutney, candied little tomatoes, peppers mustard, aubergine & walnuts, candied figs.


Figs, sugar, glucose syrup from wheat, apple vinegar. Produced in laboratories that use: Hazelnuts, nuts,walnuts, almonds, pistachios, milk powder, milk proteins, soy lecithin. Product may contains traces of nuts produced without preservings and colorings.

Nutrition declaration for 100g
Energy 1208/284KJ/Kcal
Fat 0,3g
of which satures 0,2g
mono-unsaturates 0,1g
Carbohydrates 69,8g
of which sugar 62,04g
Fiber 3,1g
Proteins 0,6g


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