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Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale

Cancelling or modifying an order

To cancel or modify and order which has already been sent, please contact F.LLI BONCI srl as quickly as possible via email at, or telephone +39.3386445429. You will need to quote your order reference so please ensure you have it at hand.

Information about order status and shipping

Information about shipping and tracking will be sent to the client at the email address provided when placing the order. This will allow the client to check the site of the courier/delivery company used to verify the delivery status of their order, and to contact the relative call centre if necessary.

Copies of documentation (invoices, delivery notes, etc) and data corrections.

To request copies of documents (invoices, delivery notes etc), or to correct data, the client can contact ALIAS srl via email at or by telephone on +39.3386445429. You will need to indicate which type of document is required, or indicate the number of the document which needs to be corrected, or indicate the number of the document for which you require extra copies, so please have these details at hand.

Product warranty

All products sold by FLLI.BONCI S.N.C are covered by the manufacturer’s standard warranty and 24 month warranty for defects of conformity in accordance with Legislative Decree 24/02.


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Information about invoices, transfers and payment reversals

Please contact the administrative department at FLLI.BONCI S.N.C via email at or by telephone on +39 055 981225. You will need to indicate your order number, document number o invoice number, so please have these details at hand.

Telephone and fax numbers

General Information & Customer Service:

Tel. +39.3386445429 –



Flli Bonci snc di Bonci Silvio, Sergio & Co.

Via Vespucci 95/101 - 52025 Montevarchi (AR) - Italy

Partita IVA 00135120517

For orders of 20 pieces or more (Panbriacone 950gr / 750gr /BriaColomba), please contact the number: +39.055981225.


Payments made on this site are safe and guaranteed, and can be carried out in the following ways:

- Payment by advance bank transfer

- Payment by PayPal

- Payment by credit card

Payment by bank transfer

If a payment is carried out via bank transfer the order will be processed upon receiving confirmation from the bank that the funds have arrived.

Payment must be made within 3 days of placing the order. After this date, if payment has not been received, the order will be automatically cancelled. The bank transfer should include details of order number, order date and the customer’s full name.

The availability of the products will be confirmed upon receiving payment.

Bank transfers should be made to :

F.lli Bonci Snc IBAN: IBAN: IT83O0326814100052740149370 SWIFT Code : SELBIT2BXXX Banca: BANCA SELLA FIL. AREZZO

Payment by PayPal

Upon selecting to pay with PayPal the customer will be redirected to a page on the PayPal website where it will be necessary for the customer to insert their email address and password and proceed to make the payment.

Your financial details will not be shared with FLLI.BONCI S.N.C, but will be handled directly by PayPal.

In the event of order cancellation or non-acceptance by FLLI.BONCI S.N.C the amount will be refunded to the customer’s PayPal account. FLLI.BONCI S.N.C will not be held responsible for delays and / or damages caused during the refund process.

Payment by credit card

If choosing to pay by credit card, the User’s bank will arrange to authorise payment for the purchase made. In the event of cancellation, ALIAS will ask for the transaction to be cancelled and a refund of the amount in question. Refund times depend exclusively on the banking system in question. Once the transaction has been cancelled, FLLI.BONCI S.N.C can accept no liability whatsoever for delays and/or damages caused by the banking system. FLLI.BONCI S.N.C reserves the right to request that the User provide additional information or send copies of documents proving ownership of the card utilised. In the event of failure to comply, FLLI.BONCI S.N.C S.r.l. shall be entitled to refuse to proceed with the transaction. FLLI.BONCI S.N.C is not privy to personal information about the cardholder at any time during the credit card purchase procedure since such information is forwarded directly to the website of the Bank handling the transaction. Processing takes place in a safe and secure mode.


Shipping Costs

Shipping costs will be calculated on the basis of the weight of the ordered items.

Delivery Times

Delivery times will vary according to the order placed by the customer, e.g. if the items are available from the manufacturer, and the kind of shipping used. Delivery times are indicative only and are in no way binding for FLLI.BONCI S.N.C.

The following calculation will be applied: Availability + Transportation = Total Delivery Time

FLLI.BONCI S.N.C uses couriers and shipping companies which offer the best value in terms of service and cost for each destination, ensuring that we are able to offer our customers the best possible combination of delivery services and costs.

Receipt of goods

Upon delivery the customer is requested to check:

- that the number of delivered packages corresponds to the number of packages on the transport document

- that packaging is intact and that the packing tape has not been tampered with

In the case of tampering and/or breakages the customer must ensure the delivery person is aware and sign the delivery note as “Reserve the right to check goods…”, indicating the reason.

The customer will have 3 days from the receipt of the goods within which to report any damage, in accordance with the instructions provided by the operator who made the delivery.

If the order is shipped and returned to FLLI.BONCI S.N.C by the courier or shipping company due to an incorrect address being provided by the customer, or because the package has been held in the warehouses of the courier / shipping company due to an unclaimed delivery, or for any other reason attributable to the negligence of the customer, a new shipment can be arranged with the customer upon advance payment for the delivery through a link which will be provided, or alternatively by bank transfer or PayPal.

Under no circumstances can deliveries be made by appointment, at specific times or on specific days.

Checking shipping status

It is possible to track the shipping status online with the tracking code which should be sent to the customer once the item leaves the warehouse; this may contain information on the courier or shipping company being used, the delivery code and instructions on how to track the package.


The right to cancel is regulated by law and the client-consumer (ie an individual who buys goods for purposes which not related to his professional activity, meaning he does not purchase the items on the order form using a VAT number) has the right to terminate the purchase contract for any reason. In order to exercise this right, the customer must send a request in writing, using a recorded delivery service, to FLLI.BONCI S.N.C within 10 working days of the date of delivery.

NB : a customer who buys products using a VAT number does not have the right to cancel

Conditions for the right to cancel

The right to cancel is subject to the following conditions:

The purchased item must be returned intact and in their original packaging, complete in all parts (including packaging and any documentation and accessories: manuals, parts, etc.);

The return delivery is the customer’s responsibility until it arrives at our warehouse where the delivery certificate will be signed;

FLLI.BONCI S.N.C is not responsible in any way for damage or theft / loss of goods which are returned by uninsured delivery methods.

Returning Goods

The product must be returned to FLLI.BONCI S.N.C within 14 days along with the authorization form which will have been received.

Without prejudice to any repair costs for damage to the original, FLLI.BONCI S.N.C will refund the customer the full amount paid within 14 days of return of goods, by payment reversal to the credit card or bank transfer. In the latter case the customer will promptly provide bank details (the IBAN code of the customer) in order to obtain the refund.

When the right to cancel does not apply

The right to cancel does not apply if the item is returned without its complete packaging and/or contents, or in the following cases where FLLI.BONCI S.N.C finds:

- Partial use of the item and eventual consumable materials;

- Missing original external and / or internal packaging;

- Missing integral parts (accessories, manuals, parts …);

- Damage to the product for reasons other than transportation

In the above cases, FLLI.BONCI S.N.C will return the goods to the customer, charging them for shipping.

Customers who buy products using a VAT number do not have the right to cancel.

I declare that I have read and understood the privacy policy and I authorize the processing of personal data according to EU Regulation 679/2016


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