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Mezzasoma - HALF KILO CHOCOLATE BAR - Dark or Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts or Pistachios 500g

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A half kilo chocolate bar of pure and organic chocolate, enriched with selected toasted hazelnuts or pistachios. Tasty and imposing in structure, the Half Kilo signed Mezzasoma can be crunchy in the dark chocolate version, or soft in the milk chocolate one. In both cases, the genuineness of the products used and the artisan making guarantee a unique taste and a rich consistency, to enjoy every bite easily cuttable with your hands.

Each chocolate bar is hand wrapped, checked and sealed by Chocolate Master Mezzasoma who puts his stamp, trademark of quality and excellence. 

Available in the following versions: 

- Milk Chocolate 32% with Hazelnuts

- Dark Chocolate 70% with Hazelnuts

- Milk Chocolate 32% with Pistachios

- Dark Chocolate 70% with Pistachios 


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