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Isidoro Cake

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Distinguished by the genuineness of the ingredients that compose it and free of artificial preservatives. The Isidoro Cake contains all the sweet nuances of almond flavor, perfectly matched with precious dry liquors.


Born in the small town of Montevarchi, Isidoro del Lungo is one of the most brilliant minds that have traveled the passage between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of Italy. Appointed Academician of the Crusca and President of the Italian Dante Society, Isidoro was a literary and historical critic, as well as a recognized poet and writer. It is in honor of his figure and the excellence in the city's history that he represents which the Bonci Pastry Shop has chosen to create the new Isidoro Cake: a remarkable explosion of soft insatiability , where a delicate dough composed of almond flour meets the taste aromatic amaretto liqueur. Leavened baked confectionery product with almond flour and Amaretto liqueur.


Wheat flour, butter (milk), sugar, alcoholic syrup (15% vol. Alc.) 21% (water, sugar, ethyl alcohol, natural vanilla extract, infused and distelled Mediterranean almonds 2%), pasteurized free range eggs, milk, apricot jam (apricots, sugar, thickener: pectin, citric acid), almond flour 4% Leavening agent: diphosphates, sodium carbonates, wheat starch, sliced peeled almonds. Net weight: 750gr.


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