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The new taste for the oldest of holidays is that of Panbriacone. A unique and sought-after combination - fluffy in its consistency, sweet and “strong” in its flavor thanks to its liqueur essence.


Born from an original idea of the Bonci Brothers, Panbriacone becomes the star of any table prepared to amaze guests with a natural-rising cake characterized by its mocking and impertinent name, and, at the same time, by its elegant and refined flavor. The meeting of the Eastern aromas of the Corinthian grape and those of genuine domestic raisin wines is capable of astounding even the most discriminating palate. A recipe full of spirit meant to be enjoyed year round.


Naturally leavened baked cake with selected raisins and soaked in alcoholic syrup with sweet dessert wines


bread wheat flour, sugar, butter, selected raisins 16%, pasteurized eggs, natural yeast, alcoholic (alc. 14% vol.) syrup of imbibition (water, sugar, alcohol, sweet wines, natural flavors) 30%; natural flavourings: natural vanilla extract, salt.

Produced in laboratories that use: hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, pistachios, milk powder, milk proteins, soy lecithin. Produced without preservatives and colouring.

Nutrition Declaration per 100gr:
Energy 1353/321KJ/Kcal
Fat 10,6g
of which Satures 6,6g
Mono-unsaturates 4,6g
Carbohydrates 49g
of which Sugar 24,20g
Fiber 3,2g
Proteins 7,5g
Salt 0,12g


Frequently asked questions


What’s Panbriacone? Panbriacone is a leavened dough which after being cooked and cooled is soaked in a mix of sweet wines.

Is Panbriacone naturally leavened? Yes. Bonci exclusively uses a mother yeast which is almost 70 years old.

Does Panbriacone contain raisins? Yes, Panbriacone's dough has two different types of raisins: sultanas which are sweet and fleshy and Corinthian raisins which are tiny, dark, and extremely perfumed.

Does a gluten-free Panbriacone exist? No. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make a dough with the same characteristics with gluten-free flours.

Does Panbriacone contain milk? No, but it contains milk derivatives such as butter.

Is Panbriacone alcoholic? Yes, the imbibition syrup, which constitute 30% of the entire product, has an alcoholic content of 14° vol. Does a non-alcoholic Panbriacone exist? No, Panbriacone is a product which was born with this characteristic alcoholic imbibition.


Do I have to store Panbriacone in the fridge? No. Panbriacone perfectly store itself at room temperature.

If I have a few slices left, will I have to put them in the fridge? No. You just need to close the packaging so that the dough won't dry.

What's Panbriacone's expiry date? Panbriacone has a ten-month shelf life.

Can I ship Panbriacone during summer or is there a risk that the product may perish? No problems, Panbriacone can be shipped also during the hottest months of the year.

Does Panbriacone contain preservatives? No, it contains no artificial preservatives. Natural preservation of dough is allowed by the alcohol inside the dough.


Is it true that before cutting Panbriacone, it should be turned upside down? No, it isn't true. By turning upside down the product, dough risks to be smashed and consumer may not taste its softness at best.

How can I cut Panbriacone? A bread knife, with serrated blade, is ideally the best to cut the product preventing the dough from smashing.

Can I serve Panbriacone during summer? Sure. Bonci produces its famous leaveved dough all year long. We suggest accompanyning the slice cut with Malaga raisin ice-cream. What goodness!

What can I drink with Panbriacone? You could accompany it by drinking sweet wines such as Italian Moscato or Passito.


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