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Mochi Cake

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It is the combination of the liqueur that allows this delicacy to be free of artificial preservatives, and gives the Mochi Cake that uniqueness. Impossible to not try and difficult to abandon, the Mochi Cake is favored by the delicacy of a genuine dough.


Born in Montevarchi in the last decades of the sixteenth century, Francesco Mochi is remembered as one of the most important Italian sculptors, among the initiators of the Baroque.


It is precisely inspired by the dynamic forms which bring together sweetness and taste (and exploiting the similarity between his surname and the mocha for coffee). The Bonci Pastry Shop has created the brand new Cake Mochi: an artisan-made dough made from hazelnut flour, expertly crafted with the robust flavor of espresso. A unique experience for the palate, characterized by the softness of fortified taste.


Leavened baked confectionery product with hazelnut flour and coffee liqueur


Wheat flour, butter (milk), sugar, alcoholic syrup (15% vol. Alc.) imbibition 21% (water, sugar, ethyl alcohol, espresso coffee 2%, coffee infusion 3%, natural flavor: vanilla), almonds flour, hazelnut flour 2%, free range pasteurized eggs, milk, cocoa spread 8% (sugar, cocoa paste 60% min., sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, corn germ oil, cocoa, hazelnut paste) , leavening agent: diphosphates, sodium carbonates, wheat starch, hazelnut grains, salt. Net weight: 750gr.


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